Corporate Events

Book RAK Track exclusively for your corporate event. Upon request we will arrange catering, branding, merchandising, trophies, etc.

Mini Grand Prix

  • at any time of the day and the week (for a minimum of 10 participants)
  • 10min Practice + 9 laps Race 1 + 11 laps Race 2
  • 360AED (Rental Track) per participant or 400AED (Club Track) per participant

Grand Prix

  • minimum of 10 participants
  • 10min Practice + 10mns Qualifying + 9 laps Race 1 + 11 laps Race 2
  • 480AED (Rental Track) or 560AED (Club Track) per participant; up to 18 participants at same time


  • Team Race – minimum of 2 drivers per team and maximum of 18 teams
  • 10min practice per driver + 10min Qualifying per team + Endurance race of 30min to 2 hours depending on the number of drivers per team. Each driver should drive between 15 and 30min during the race
  • Price depends on number of team and drivers and will vary between around 350AED and 650AED per participant. Contact us for a quote.

For enquiries and bookings please send us a message.