How old I have to be to enjoy RAK TRACK?
3 Years old to all ages together with an adult driver to enjoy our double seat kart. 7 years old for the Junior Karts and 13 years old for the Senior Karts. There is no maximum age for RAK TRACK – it is open for fun from 3 years old!

Is it mandatory to purchase the registration card of 10 AED?
Yes. In order to have all your information in case we need to contact you or to let you know of the latest news at RAK TRACK.

What if I lose my membership card?
Not a problem, come back to RAK TRACK counter and the hostess will make a new one for you. However you will have to pay 10AED for the new card.

Do I need to have my parents with me when I drive at RAK TRACK and I am under 21 years old?
Not necessarily, our professional team will take care of you, however your parents need to sign the disclaimer upon registration.

Do I need to wear a suit and helmet for Karting?
Yes, we provide them or if you have them you can use them as long as they have the right safety features. You can double check that with our team. Equipment is most important. That is why RAK TRACK offers you top of the range karts, helmets, etc.

How long is one Karting Session?
• Junior Karting lasts 15 minutes
• Senior Karting lasts 15 minutes

Is there a Loyalty Card or promotions?
Yes there will be a loyalty program soon, ask our staff members for updates and check our Promotions to see what is going on at RAK TRACK.

Are the activities really made for kids and adults?
Definitely, RAK TRACK has been made to provide fun to any age group and any gender.

I would like to know more about Birthday Packages and Corporate events? 
Click here!